Share and import group structures

Easily share and import group structures with Additio App!


1. Share group structures

2. Import group structure


One of the most requested features was to share group structures and formulas among several users. This is now a reality. 

With this functionality you'll be so helpful for other teachers to set their groups by sharing the columns and tabs structure. 

There are two different ways to share and import group structures: one is with the individual license (which will be explained afterwards and in this case a code is required) and the other is from the centers platform that enables quickly sharing and importing: Share and import group structures


NOTE: This feature is only available to users with Center's licenses. You can find more information here


If you are a individual teacher you can import with a code. This option has two steps: first the structure has to be shared for the code to be generated, second, import structure with the generated code. 


Share group structures


NOTE: Structures will be shared with tabs and columns, notes and students won't be included. 


To share your structure access the group you want to share. Then, three vertical dots > Share / Copy > Share group structure. 

A new window will appear where you need to write the name and select the tabs you want to share. If you wish to, you can add a short description. If you choose Select all, the whole group structure will be shared. 

By clicking on All the columns, you'll be able to select which columns you want to share and which you do not want to share, by activating and deactivating the column.



NOTE: When you select a column with a calculation, all the columns integrated in the formula will be activated. When you deselect a column in a formula, the column with the formula will be deactivated too. 

NOTE: With this process the types of evaluation  and rubrics used in the columns.


When you've selected the correct columns and tabs, press Share. After, a code will be generated and you can send it to the colleagues you want to share the group structure with. 

You can also send the code via email. You can choose the sharing option that fits better for you. Press OK, to go back to the group.


Import group structure

To import the group structure shared by a colleague, you need to access the group you want to add the structure to. Click on the three vertical dots > Share / Copy > Import structure to the group.


You'll have to add the code your colleague has provided you with and press Import. Also, you can choose among several options where to create the shared tabs and columns.


A confirmation message will pop up asking if you're sure about accepting the shared structure. By clicking on OK, the shared tabs and columns will appear in your new group.