Frequently asked questions about licences

What plans for teachers can you find in Additio?

Additio Starter: a plan for individual teachers that allows the use of limited functionalities through the web version or on a mobile device. Additio Starter works with a free license system that can be extended with an Additio for Teachers or Additio for Schools subscription, if so desired. 

Additio for Teachers (plus): a plan for individual teachers that allows you to use all the features without limitations in the web version, and other three mobile devices linked (tablets or Apple or Android smartphones). It has an annual cost of 10.99€ with an auto-renewal system. 



What is the difference between Additio Starter and Additio for Teachers?


What plans for centers can you find in Additio?

Additio for Schools: includes accounts for teachers + management + families + students + administrative staff.

  • Centralized data
  • Collaborative academic management + a platform to create online activities  + learning analytics + learning environment + rubrics + skills assessment
  • Center reports (grades, attendance, incidents, skills, report cards...)
  • Communication platform with families and students
  • Invoicing, accounting, inventory and payroll software


How do I cancel the subscription?

Follow the steps below to view, modify or cancel subscriptions:

  • App Store subscriptions (Apple iOS):
  • Google Play subscriptions (Android):
  • Web subscriptions: Some users have the auto-renew feature enabled. Turning off auto-renew is a very simple process that you can perform on the website from your user account. You just have to:
    • Access the web version through:
    • Go to the "Settings" menu and there access the first option: "My user data". 
    • In the second tab, "My license", you will see a section that allows you deactivate subscription. You just need to deactivate the button on the right to disable automatic renewal.

Subscription management is an automated process managed directly by Apple/Google app stores and other online payment services. Additio is not responsible for any possible refunds or returns.

Please note that uninstalling the application does not cancel the subscription. Be sure you cancel your subscription following the steps above to avoid any unwanted charges. You can also contact our support team if you need help.


What happens when I cancel my subscription?

If you cancel a subscription, you may continue using the app while the license you already paid for lasts. The subscription will not be renewed for the next year unless you do not activate the subscription again.


What happens to my account if I have changed from Additio for Teachers to Additio Starter?

If you move to the Additio Starter plan, you will lose access to your data and most of the features of the previous plan: 

  • Assessment limitations, rubrics, conditional values, reports, programming, among others.
  • No synchronization, work groups, folder organization, assessment criteria, among others.
  • In the next Additio for Teachers license renewals the price will be increased to 10.99€. 

Do you have a mobile app for iPad, iPhone and Android?

Yes, Additio for Teachers (Plus) is a cross-platform service that allows access to data both from computer (via web) and from iPad and Android tablets as well as Android and iPhone smartphones.

At the moment we do not have a version for Windows Phone although the web version can be used from these devices.

NOTE: Additio multi-device system is not available to users with a free license.


What payment methods are accepted?

You can pay either from the App Stores (App Store and Google Play) or with credit card from the web version.

About refunds

The user is responsible for managing the renewal. The system allows the user to be autonomous in activating and deactivating the subscription. 

This is a fully automatic process, once the payment has been made in the multiple payment options we offer (Apple Store, Google Play, Stripe,...) we cannot issue a refund.

Change of applicable conditions effective September 1st, 2022.