Version update


  • Roles
  • Improve authorizations
  • Improve payments


  • New onboarding
  • Multilanguage curriculum


  • Group base groups by educational stages


  • Add the Google Classroom theme in the integration with Additio App
  • Improved resource loading


  • High School Curriculum
  • Improved authorizations
  • Share and import teaching units in Additiopedia


  • Performance improvements
  • Visualisation and usability improvements


  • Linking the "Rubric" columns with LMS
  • New curriculum available


  • Bulk editing on the centers platform
  • Social logins on Edvoice web version


  • Add payment date in payment export
  • Improvements in importing and exporting headings from Additiopedia


  • Google and Microsoft SSO improvements (Security)
  • Improvements in the centre competence reports (LOMLOE)


  • Curriculum import
  • Edit weighting from the skills assessment tabs
  • Implementation of SDG in lesson plans
  • Implementation of Basic Knowledge field in lesson plans


  • Launch of Additiopedia, the resources bank


  • Report cards module


  • Forms and authorizations module


  • Integration with partners
  • Launch of the free version of Additio (Additio Starter)


  • Filtering payments from the center's panel


  • Reports module in a BETA version
  • Viewing of the teachers' website from mobile devices


  • Import improvements and bug fixes


  • Duplicate didactic units
  • Mass import of class groups and timetable configuration to the school's teachers.
  • Increase to 25Mb of the documents to be uploaded in Edvoice


  • Visualization of didactic units in the center's panel
  • Text type categories


  • Import and export grades/tasks in Microsoft Teams


  • Improvements in billing management
  • Refunds on Edvoice payments


  • Public stories


  • Improvements in incident management
  • Improvements in Additio Academy
  • Improvements in payments management


  • Language: Additio in Basque
  • Management of more than one account in payments management
  • Counting and percentage of attendance in class groups


  • Additio Academy


  • Substitutions management
  • Student importer from official platform in base groups
  • Printing Didactic Units
  • Different attendance according to the educational stage
  • Incidents and followup report
  • Attendance by subjects


  • Payments management
  • Compensation of incidents


  • New design in the centers panel


  • Creation of Didactic Units and projects
  • Linking Didactic Units and projects to the lesson planner 
  • Improvements in the center's attendance
  • Creation of evaluation criteria
  • Creation of activities in Additio linked to Classroom, Teams and Moodle


  • Language: French on center panel and Edvoice website 
  • Integration with economic management
  • New platform design


  • New search for students in base groups
  • Edquizz improvements: Order, hide, colors...
  • New types of utterances in Edquizz: video and mathematical formulas


  • Organization in group folders, rubrics, resources, annotations ...
  • Mail change from web version
  • Importing groups and students from Microsoft Teams
  • Sending documents, photos and events from Edvoice web
  • Export the class plan
  • Linking students of the groups with the base group
  • Automatic sending of the invoice of centers
  • Delete messages from the Story or chat in Edvoice
  • Sent a quiz only to one student
  • New metric in the Student Counting Centers dashboard


  • New Edquizz features: images in questions and activity limitation by date
  • Activity report
  • New group importer from Excel
  • Edquizz results analysis


  • Integration with Edquizz: quizzes and exams assessed with rubrics
  • Conditionals in formulas
  • Workgroups: group students and use these groups in any assessment, self and peer assessment
  • Edvoice available via web
  • Deliveries via Edvoice
  • Undo and redo in the notebook
  • Integration with Moodle
  • Integration with Microsoft Teams
  • Linking students and groups with multiple platforms at the same time
  • Schedule display improvements
  • Login with Apple


  • Apply conditionals to competencies and standards
  • Submit rubrics for auto and peer evaluation via Edvoice
  • Send the comments of the columns as feedback to the student
  • Consolidated reports of assistance, incidents and transversal competences
  • Categories to group columns
  • Assessment targets by student competencies (group and center level)
  • Visible evaluation notebook for families and students
  • New type of 'average with different bases' category calculation
  • New undo / make changes functionality
  • Link columns with tabs in one click
  • New importer of students from Excel files / spreadsheets (in IOS)
  • New importer of student photos from facial recognition (in IOS)
  • Self and co-evaluation via Edvoice
  • Centralized assistance management through the center panel
  • Incident management and follow-ups
  • Integration with Educamos


  • Being able to evaluate several students at the same time, ideal for group, cooperative or project based learning
  • Assess your students or track their attendance directly on the seating plan
  • Link the planning of your classes with the evaluation activities on your gradebook
  • To be able to directly create the groups from Google Classroom
  • Generate cross-sectional skills and Common Core Standards reports at the school level (only from the centers panel)
  • Simplification of the process of creating groups to streamline the process and save time
  • The options of the group menu have been grouped, being now more compact
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes


  • New version for iPhone! Additio App now available on ALL your devices
  • Treat empty cells as zero
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes


  • Send resources to students and parents through the Edvoice App
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes


  • You can send invitations to Edvoice with a single code for all groups from the school center panel (web only)
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes


  • New options in the Collaborate license for school centers: It allows you to share standards and skills with other teachers
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes


  • Now you can also use your Google and Microsoft accounts to login to the App
  • You can also link resources from Microsoft One Drive
  • You can invite the students and parents to calendar events of your groups through the Edvoice App
  • New option to view the history of messages and events sent through Edvoice (web only)
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes


  • Now you can copy/paste the columns of skills and standards tabs
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes


  • New option to calculate the average of learning standards and the skills
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes


  • Edvoice integration (users can send marks and attendance)
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes


  • New option: Now you can import students' marks from Excel
  • A search option has been added to the mark types lists and rubric lists
  • An option to filter in shared data lists has been added
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes


  • New option: Evaluation by learning standards and skills
  • New icons are added, ideal for use in kindergartens and childcare
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes


  • Improvements to Edvoice integration
  • E-mails sent to the student are unified for co-assesments. Now only one email will be sent with all the links of the rubrics of their companions (Web version only)
  • A new option has been added in the list of students to generate a PDF with all the rubrics that the student has in the selected tab (Web version only)
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes


  • Edvoice integration
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes


  • You can lock columns immediately or on a certain date. Very useful option in self-evaluations and co-evaluations with rubrics
  • Now you can delete the students proposed for the co-evaluation with rubrics (Web version only)
  • Added message in Apps to notify you when several days have passed since your last sync
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes.


  • New Collaborate license for school centers. It allows you to share groups, rubrics, plannings and vacation periods
  • To be able to select groups to display in timetable and calendar
  • To be able to hide from the list the vacations already passed
  • Now you can export the rubrics created from Configuration (only available on the Web version)
  • From the groups you can make the bulk edition of the students information (only available on the Web version)
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes


  • New options for Self-asssesment and Peer-assesment: You can send rubrics to students and their classmates, and even to the parents of the students (only in the Web version)
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes


  • Overwrite calculated formulas. This new functionality will allow you to modify the formula of some students to carry out a personalized assessment
  • Summary of attendance. You can know the number of attendances, absences, tardiness, expulsions, etc. of a student, and their percentage as well
  • Sort the mark types. You can change the order of the different mark types in the list
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes


  • New mark type: Attendance count
  • When the values of the mark types are changed, now you have the option of overwriting the previous values assigned to students
  • Allow to delete rows and columns of those Rubrics which have not been used
  • Icon is displayed next to the photo of the student on the day of his birthday
  • Now you can see enlarged photo of students
  • Planning can be seen on screens Today and Weekly Calendar
  • Using keyboard symbols in the generator formulas (Web version only)
  • Rubric contents can be imported from Excel (Web version only)
  • Now you can print and generate Pdfs of Rubrics (Web version only)
  • Export to Excel all the courses planning (Web version only)
  • Fixed some cases imported from official platforms (Web version only)
  • Performance improvements.
  • Bug fixes


  • New classes planner. It replaces the old diary of classes for a more powerful and flexible planner
  • Notable improvement in performance notebook
  • Share structures between groups with other teachers through a simple code
  • New options to facilitate the importation of students
  • Archiving data of the oldest groups in the cloud to free up space on the devices
  • Allow tagging and template creation in the notes
  • Perform a complete cycle in the selection of a random student
  • Bug fixes
  • Overall performance improvements


  • Incorporation of the recommendation program to schools
  • New Essential plan
  • Bug fixes


  • Distribution of the students in the classroom with the seating plan
  • Adding any file within the app
  • Minor bugfixes


  • New amazing feature: evaluate your students using rubrics
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Web version of Additio App: The ultimate solution to be able to use the application in all your devices and have your data synchronized