Student attendance: Track attendance, filter and calculate student attendance

Set attendance type of evaluation:

You can set attendance type of evaluation on Assessment tools > Type of evaluation > Attendance. 

When you access Attendance, you'll find the following preset options: 

You find an option to establish a default value, if needed, you can modify this just by clicking on it and selecting another value or none, if you do not want any Default value. 

As you can see, there are different assessment types and each one has a numeric value, this means you have the option to do some calculations although you'll be working with icons. 

In addition, you can add more options if needed for you assessment with the + button. You can also remove any information you no longer need by pressing on the trash icon: 

When you select this option, a trash icon appears next to each type of assessment, to erase one of them, you just have to erase the related one. 

Once you set the attendance type of evaluation, next step is to access the class group. In the bottom right hand side corner there's a drop-down menu that contains the Attendance option: 

If you click on it, you'll see I just need to click on the + button of a column an a new register will be filled with the default value on the corresponding day and time. To modify the default value you only have to click on the cell and the rest of the options will appear, then select the one you want to apply and this change will be saved: