Payments settings through Edvoice

Set up payment platform 

In Centers, you need to unfold the main menu at the top left hand side and go to Settings if you want to collect payments through Edvoice.

In Settings > Financial management > Set up payment platform.

Next click on Create an account and the payment platform with open up with Stripe (world leader company powering online payment processing), where you can start setting your account with your data.

First step is to fill your telephone number and email.  

If you've filled the information correctly, in the next page you must introduce the code that has been sent to your phone.

Once you've completed the verification step, if the code is correct, you will move forward to the next page where you must set your center typology. 

Next step: fill in your center's data with name, EIN, address and location.

Then, the required information must be filled out by someone with significant control and management of the bussiness and who will be in charge of payments.

At last, add your bank account data so that you can receive families and students payments.

Create and manage payments

Once the payment platform is set, you can go to the main menu > Payments. 

There you will see a message as no payment has been created yet. You only need to click on the + button to create payments.

A new tab will open so that you can create a new payment. In this new screen you need to add the payment details, the deadline and the amount. You can select who you want to send the payment to (students, families or both) and select the groups too, if you only want to send it to a group or to more than one group. In addition, you can also choose to send the payment to all the students of a group or only some. 

This is great if you want to create a payment for all the students, or a payment with a specific amount with a discount applied for families with 2 children in the center or for those families with economic aids. 

In the Amount section the net amount + the management costs are itemized to calculate the amount to be charged. 

  • The net amount will be the amount the center will receive from families or students payment. 
  • The management costs are charged by the payment platform to carry out the operation. These costs are itemized in the payment creation so that you can consider them when establishing the amount.
  • The amount to pay is the amount that families or students will see when issuing the payment. This is the price they're paying. 

In the group selection you can select the groups you're sending the payment to, if it's only one group or more than one. 

Moreover, inside a group, you can select all the students or some of them.

After all the information is completed, press Save and the payment will saved or click on Send to send it right away. 

When you select Send, the image displayed below appears as a summary of the payment, who you're sending it to and the related number of students. 

If everything is correct press Send and you will need to confirm you want to send the payment.

When you click Yes and accept the payment, the payment will be sent through Edvoice to the selected families or students. The payment will be listed as you can see in the image below. If you want to edit it you only need to click on the pencil icon. 

Once you've sent the payment, the collected amount will be displayed and a sheet icon where you can manage payment. 

When you click on the sheet icon, you can access payment details, check who has already paid, who rejected the payment or pending payments too. Also, if you click on the 3 vertical dots > you can mark if someone has paid in cash to count it too. 

To set payments you need to contact Additio first: Our support team will help you with first steps. 

Now you're ready to send payments to families or students. You can see the whole process in the video below:

NOTE: You can transfer funds anytime. Click on Payments > 3 vertical dots > Transfer funds. 

Transfer funds 

Click on Transfer funds and then you'll have to select which account you want to transfer the funds to and the amount to transfer. 


If you need to refund a payment, you can do it by clicking on the 3 vertical dots > Refund.

Once refunded, the payment refunded will be displayed in the list. 

In Edvoice, families and students can view payments and be aware of pending payments.