Let's start assessing: Create the assessment basic structure

Create the assessment structure:  

Create columns: 

Once your group is already set you can start by establishing the columns and tabs structure to assess your students. 

To create a column click on the + button and a new window will pop up. Here you're required to fill in the different fields and set the relevant features: 

In Type of evaluation you'll choose how data is introduced in a cell. In the Type of evaluation list you'll find the ones the application offers by default. 

When you save changes, the new column you've just created will be displayed and if you click on the cells, you'll be able to introduce the grade of each student.  

Create tabs: 

You can find tabs at the top of the screen. Tabs will help you to easily organize your data. 

To create a new tab click on the + button below on Tabs. A new pop-up window will be displayed to write the title and set other possible items.

To edit the tab you'll find a pencil icon at the upper right hand side of the screen. Click on the pencil icon and a new window will appear to edit the information. 

NOTE: We suggest to create a tab per term and then hide each tab as they're over.

Quick columns:

To activate a Tab with quick columns, you can set this up in the New tab and selecting the option Quick tabs: 

When you save changes, you can click on the + button to add a column and the next window will appear: 

Here you can set the day on the column and the Type of evaluation and, also, a default value, for example, an icon-related type of evaluation and the green happy face icon. When you Save this is what you'll see: 

If you click to add a new column, the same column will appear right next to the already created and by pressing the pencil icon you'll be able to Edit this column, to change the date, for example. When you click on a cell, you'll see the other possible options you set up appear, so that you can change the default value: 

Hide and show tabs and columns:

To hide a column you can click on the name of the column and the Edit column window will emerge, here you'll find an option to activate the option Hide column and the column will no longer appear in the gradebook: 

If you want the column to be displayed again, you can click on the 3 vertical dots menu > Sort / Show > Show hidden columns. 

To hide tabs you can do the same process but clicking on the pencil icon: 

After that, to show again a hidden tab, you can click on the 3 vertical dots menu > Sort / Show > Show hidden tabs. 

Undo and redo:

You can undo an action from your Additio gradebook. If you delete a column, a tab, a grade or a student accidentally, you can click on Undo to retrieve such data. 

Once you've click on Undo, if you've retrieved more information than expected, you can redo the action: 

NOTE: If you shut down the application or you modify a column or tab, the option Undo will be restored by your last action, so you won't be able to undo previous actions. 

Overwrite grades values

When you modify the given values of icon and text picker and attendance type of evaluation, a new window will appear in order to overwrite the latest grades with the new values assigned or keep them. This option allows you to modify the values and decide if you want to apply it or not to the grades already attributed to the students afterwards. 

If you press OK to overwrite values, you'll be able to choose which groups you want to modify the types of evaluation values in. Hence, you can keep or update the values in the group columns where this type of evaluation is used. This is only applicable for evaluation picker options, not attendance. 

 How to sort types of evaluation

You can sort the different types of evaluation to make it . You only need to access Evaluation tools, then Types of evaluation. After that, click on the 3 vertical dots at the top right hand side. 

By clicking on Sort Types of evaluation, you can modify the order. To do so, you only have to drag the name of the corresponding type of evaluation to the position where you want it to be. Once modified, save changes to keep the established order.