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Integration with Moodle

Integrate Moodle account with Additio

To start using Moodle's integration you need to link your account first. This is a simple process, here you have how to do it: 

First of all, check Enable web services option is active to be able to integrate the platform correctly (you can only do this if you have an admin profile): 

In Additio you need to go to the main menu > Settings > User > My profile > Linked accounts. After, click on Continue with Moodle. 

A new window will appear where you need to write down the Moodle URL you work with in your classes. Then, press Set up. 

Another window will open to log in with your Moodle user account.

Once you select Log in, your Moodle account will be linked to Additio's account. Now you can start importing your groups. Go to Evaluation and groups > 3 vertical dots > Import > Import groups from Moodle. U

When you click on this option a new window will be displayed where you'll need to select the Moodle group you want to import to Additio. 

Create activities from Additio in Moodle

From Additio, you can create activities directly in Moodle to speed up the process of creating the assessment structure. 

You only have to create an activity clicking on the + button to add column and select the LMS you want to create the activity in.

You need to write the title of the activity and the type of evaluation, then, in the LMS option, select Moodle.

When you click on Save a new window will open for you to link the column with Moodle. Here you have to select the activity you want to link to your Additio column.

View Moodle submissions

There are several options to view Moodle submissions: 

1- Right click on the column and select Open external link. Moodle will open and you'll see the existing submissions as you regularly do.

2- Right click on the column and select See attached files. 

A new window will open with the list of students with submissions and the number of linked files.

If you click on the student you will have access to the attached files and you'll be able to select them to download them to your current device.

If the student doesn't have any file attached, the next message will be displayed: 

Once this process is completed, you already have the file saved in your device.

If you doubt, do not hesitate to write to: info@additioapp.com