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Integration with Google Classroom

Log in to Google Classroom

To use any Google Classroom feature from our app, you must log in with your Classroom user first.

If you logged in to your account before opening our app, no login data will be requested. 

If you didn't log in with your Classroom user, then you'll be requested to access your Google user when you try any Classroom feature. Once you're logged in, you won't be asked again to log in. 

NOTE: The new window that pops up is from Google so no delicate information from your Google account will be kept in our app.

If you logged in to Google with a different account than the Classroom account, a message will be displayed saying you must close the current user account and open the one from Classroom. 

You can change the user easily by answering Yes to the question on the message to open a new window with Classroom access page.

In this Classroom page, you must log out from the current incorrect account.

Once you're log out, you can access with your correct Classroom user in the new window that will appear. Once you log in you must go to our app again to start working with Google Classroom features. 

Link group from Google Classroom

You can link an Additio group with a group already created in Google Classroom. You can do this with Link group option. In the three vertical dots > Google Classroom > Link group. 

Once you've chosen this option, a new window will be displayed where you have to select the Google Classroom group you can to link with the Additio group.

Once you've linked the group, you'll be asked if you want to link the students of the Classroom group with the students of the Additio group too. If you press No, you can always link students afterwards. 

To unlink this group from Google Classroom click on the 3 vertical dots > Edit group > Actions > Unlink from Google Classroom. 

NOTE: If you click on the Google Classroom icon next to the title of the group, the Google Classroom group will be opened in a new tab. 

Link students from Google Classroom

If you didn't link the students when you linked the Google Classroom group, you can do it with Link students option. You only have to click on the 3 vertical dots > Google Classroom > Link students. 

When your students list is ready, click on Link students, the app will associate the students in your Additio group and the ones in your Google Classroom group. By clicking on Link all the students with the same name will be linked.

You can manually link those students that do not match, as the app will show you the students that aren't linked and you'll be able to link them. 

Those students invited to join the Google Classroom group won't be displayed in the app until they accept the invitation. 

NOTE: If you want to import pictures too, you need to select option: Import pictures. 

When you select the student that is not linked yet, all the Google Classroom students without link will be displayed so we'll be able to choose the student we want to link our student with.

Once you've selected the Google Classroom student you want to link your student with, click on Link. 

Once all the students are linked a message will pop up with the message below. You can always Import activities and grades from the 3 vertical dots > Google Classroom > Import activities and grades. 

To unlink the student from Google Classroom you need to open the student file and click on Actions > Unlink from Google Classroom. 

 NOTE: You can also unlink with a right click on a student > Unlink from Google Classroom. 

Update grades from Google Classroom

Click right on the columns where the activities are and press Google Classroom to sync data:  

Download grades: import your Classroom grades of this activity to Additio.
Upload grades: export the grades of this activity from Additio to Google Classroom so that information is updated in both platforms.  

Open attached files from Google Classroom

If students have some attached files linked to Google Classroom tasks, you can check them by right clicking on the name of the task. A new menu with option See attached files will be displayed.  

When you select option See attached files, a new window opens with a list of students with completed files in this task, also showing the number of files attached.  

If you click on the student, a new window opens where a list of the files submitted by this student. If you click on one of these documents, a new browser tab will open displaying such file in Google Drive.

If only one file is attached to this student, this file will open directly no need to open a new tab to select files attached. 

Create activities from Additio in Google Classroom

From Additio you can create activities in Google Classroom and Moodle to speed up the creation of the assessment structure.

You just need to create an activity clicking on the + button and choose the LMS Google Classroom to create the activity in it.

Once you set the title and type of evaluation and the option LMS Google Classroom, press Save and a new window will open with options Later, Link or Create: 

If you click on Later, you can set the activity anytime by right clicking on the column > Google Classroom > Link activity or Create activity. 

When you select Link activity, a new window will open where you need to select the activity from the LMS you want to link. 

When you select Create activity, you can create it right away.