Import tasks and grades from Google Classroom

Easily import assignments and grades from Google Classroom to Additio App.

Once your group of students is linked to Google Classroom, you'll be ready to import tasks and grades from the 3 vertical dots > Google Classroom > Import tasks and marks. 

When you select Import tasks and marks a new window will open and all the tasks of the linked group in Google Classroom will be displayed. 

After clicking on Import a new window named Google Classroom will be created with a column for each task imported from Google Classroom. If the tasks were graded, the mark of the tasks will be displayed too in the corresponding cells. 

If you right click on one of these columns you'll find two options: Open external link to open a new window with the details of the task in Google Classroom and See attached files to open attached documents in Google Drive, if there are any related to this task. 



  • In Google Classroom tab, the + button to add a column is the same as Import tasks and marks.
  • When you edit columns you can't modify the type of evaluation. The type of evaluation would be Numeric by default in order to be compatible with Google Classroom.
  • If you edit one of these columns and you click on Google Classroom icon next to the name of the column, the Google Classroom task will be open in another window. 
  • You can import rubrics with LMS too.