Import students grades

Step by step to import student grades.

To import your students grades click on the 3 vertical dots > Students > Import student's marks. 

You'll be able to import students grades you already have in an Excel file. 

Here you have how to do it step by step:


Step 1

Select the file with your students grades you're about to import.

Step 2

Next, choose the file with the data you want to import and select if the columns titles are in the first row of the file. You can select if you want to hide any Excel row. 

Also, you may choose if you want to name the new tab after the name of the Excel file. If not, the name of the new tab will be Imported marks.

After all the options are set, click on Import marks.

Step 3

Now you need to specify the value of each column: Students, Numeric, Text, or Do not import, if you do not want to import the column. Only one column with student value is possible.

If there are some students that do not match with the ones in Additio, a new screen will open with the list of students who do not match by differentiating between the ones in Additio and the ones in the Excel. 

If this is the case and you want to import the marks nevertheless, these students won't take part of the import. You can always modify their names to make them match and thus, be able to import the marks.