Import groups from Moodle

Link your Moodle account

You can link you Moodle account on Settings: 

The steps are: Settings > User > My profile > Linked accounts. Then press Continue with Moodle option: 

In the new window that will emerge, you'll be required to write down your Moodle URL shared with your students. Once you've introduced it press Set up. 

Later, login with your Moodle account: 

Import of Moodle groups

When you click on Log in your Moodle account will be linked to your Additio account and you'll be ready to start importing your groups. In Evaluation and groups > 3 vertical dots > Import > Import groups from Moodle. 

Once you've selected this option the next step is to choose the Moodle group you want to import to Additio.

For further information on this topic, you can find us at: