Import grades from Microsoft Teams

Import grades to Additio App from Microsoft Teams.

Once the group is linked or imported from Teams, you can import the grades of the assessed activities. Now you do not need to duplicate your work and you can speed up the process to unify the grades. 

You only need to access your group > the 3 vertical dots > Microsoft Teams > Import activities and grades.
Once you have clicked on Import activities and grades, the activities created in Teams will be displayed to import them. Select the tab you want to import them to.
Once checked, next to the name of the linked column the Teams icon will be shown.
Right click on the columns > Microsoft Teams to update the information:
The options that will appear next will be: 
- Download grades: import the grades on your Microsoft Teams task to Additio. 
Upload grades: export the grades of the task from Additio to Microsoft Teams. 


NOTE: You can import rubrics with LMS too!