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How to start a new course

When you start a new course there are two important actions you must take: store old groups in the cloud so that they do not consume space or processing capacity of the devices and create the new groups you're working with. In this tutorial we'll explain how you can set everything straight to start the new course. 

Create new groups

If you've been working with Additio for a year, sure you already know how to create groups and import students but there are some features that users do not know and that reduce the time to create the groups. Here you can find a list and the access to the corresponding tutorials:

Import students to the group: it is possible to import students from any Excel file and even upload pictures all at once or through facial recognition. In this link you will find further detail on this section.

- Probably, you want to use an already created structure. You can copy a structure from one group to another or from one tab to another. Here is how. 

- If there are several teachers in the same center working with Additio you can share structures and rubrics. In this tutorial you can find how to.

Store groups in the cloud

You can store groups of previous years to free some space and to avoid any interference in your daily app performance. How to Store groups in the cloud.