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Communication as family and/or students

Edvoice is the communication tool between school, students and families. This dynamic and powerful application guarantees the follow-up of the students and helps them to monitor their learning and knowledge.

To access Edvoice from your computer, simply go to https://edvoice.additioapp.com

Sign up:

You can sign up as a parent / family member or as a student.

If you have created an account before, you just need to put your username and password. Then click on "log in".


Join groups:

Once on Edvoice, you will see this page:


First, join the groups you are part of. To do this, click on the option "join a group" which is at the top right of the screen.


Click on the option and add the code that your center/school has given you.


Once done, all the groups you belong to will appear.



When you select a group, the group’s story will immediately open. Here you will see all the messages and grades that have been sent to students and the family.

Stories allow you to follow information sent from the center, such as news, messages, questions, photos, documents...

Here is an example of the type of information you can receive from your teacher or school:




In the "mark report" section, you will see the grades that teachers have posted. So you will always be up to date with your grades or your children's grades.


NOTE: It is by clicking on theCaptura_de_pantalla_2020-04-27_a_las_13.30.34.pngthat you will see the rubric evaluated.


Attendance monitoring:

In the "attendance" section, you will see all the attendance follow-up; attendances, absences, lateness and ect., that the teachers posted. That way you will always be up to date with attendance tracking.

By clicking on notebook / little man, you will see the attendance report: