Attendance and educational stages settings

Attendance settings

From Centers, you can centralize all the attendance records of your class groups.

Access Centers > Settings > Maintenance > Attendance.

Right after you can click on the + button to create a new attendance value or use the existent attendance by default and modify it according to your needs. 

You can modify values, days of class and how many times you want to track attendance a day. 

Last but not least, you can select the option Notifications if you want to notify attendance to the students and/or families.

Centralized attendance from the center

With this option now you can track attendance directly from the center. So, you can track when a student misses a class or any other type of attendance value. You can also set an initial and end date and the corresponding value will be applied to the teacher of the students in all the related class groups. 

You only have to access the base group where the student is > 3 vertical dots > Attendance > Attendance registration.

Here you can set the period of time the student is not attending classes or if it is a particular day the student is missing. You can determine the reason why and the correct icon so that the teacher can notice it in the gradebook. Then, click Save to save changes.  

When the teacher creates a new column to track attendance in the gradebook the value you have already set will be displayed, the absence and the comment with the reason of the absence, if any. You can select the group where you want to create the new attendance column.

The name of the subject will be displayed below the title of the column where attendances is tracked. 

If you need it, you can also delete a column by right-clicking on the column. 

Below, a video with all the steps to set attendance from Centers: 

View attendance by class groups

You can view the overall statistics of your class group thanks to centralized attendance. 

Access the attendance in your class group > Overall course statistics. 

Once you choose this option you can view the statistics of the course and filter by date. 

You can create educational stages to establish different center settings.

Access Centers > Settings > Maintenance > Educational stages. 

Click on the + button at the right bottom corner of the screen to create the educational stages. 

Next, you need to write the name of the educational stage and the corresponding educational stage from the dropdown list. 

Then you can relate the educational stage to the base groups to track attendance according to the educational stage.