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User administration: how to manage your profile and license

Use your Google or Microsoft account

You can also use Additio with your Google or Microsoft account, here's how you can set it up: 

  • New user: When you sign in as a user you can choose to use your Google or Microsoft account, this is a great option to avoid filling all your data again. When you log in you only have to click on the button related to the account used to access Additio.
  • Existing user: If you already signed in in Additio, you can link your Google or Microsoft account on Settings > My profile. Once you've linked your account you can also log in by clicking on the button related to the account you used to access Additio. 

Change the email

You can change your email from the website version: web.additioapp.com. You only have to click on Settings > Change the email. 

To change the email you have to follow the required steps displayed in the next window. 

Update and retrieve password

When working with multiple devices, you can update your password in Settings in the main menu (web version) and then click on Update password. After, add your current password and the new one in the corresponding fields. 

If you cannot remember your password, you can retrieve it here.

Unlink devices

To unlink a device you need to have access to Additio web version. 

It is essential you only unlink those devices you're no longer working with. 

Go to Settings > My profile > My devices. In My devices all the linked devices will be displayed, whether they're deleted or not.

You only have to choose the device you want to unlink and press Delete. Then, the name of the device will be marked as deleted. Press Save so that the device is unlinked for sure. 

After, you can log in in a new device. You can access Settings > My profile > My devices to check the new device is displayed now. 

NOTE: Keep in mind that you can add up to 6 devices, though you can only have active simultaneously the maximum number of devices your license allows you.