Transversal skill-based report

You can create skill-based reports from the School panel. This allows you to get a report with the average of each of the transversal skills that each students’ teacher has worked on.

Create a skill-based report 

It is essential that the students in the base groups have an identification number in order to use the skill-based reports from the School panel. This number needs to match the one that the student has in each group.


You can create and edit the students’ skill-based reports from a base group. Press Actions and then select Reports > Skill-based report.


Press the + button on the skill-based reports’ screen to add a new report, or click on one of the existing reports to edit it, print it, etc. When creating a report, you need to do the following:
Add a title and a subtitle, as they are mandatory fields.
Select the groups of the teachers from the school that you want to add to the skills' calculation. In order to do so, press the + button, select the teacher and then the group.
Select the skills that will appear on the report. In order to do so, press the + button, select the teacher that has created the skills, and then select the group of skills that will be assessed in the report.
Set up the weighting between the selected skills and groups (you can set any you want for each skill and group). NOTE: the sum of the variables in the weighting has to be 100.


When saving, the report of transversal skills (competences) of the students will be shown (to see the breakdown of each one of the subjects) and the general grades of the transversal skills (competences) of all the students.


View skill-based report, recalculate and export

Once the whole report is set, you can access the list of skill-based reports from the School panel. If you select a report, you will be able to preview the skill-based report of the students in the base group.

If you click on Actions, you will see the Edit and Export options. By selecting Edit, you can edit the report’s settings. By selecting Export, you can export the report for all students. This will create a PDF file that you can print in order to have a paper copy of the report card or that you can send through email. You can also export the report as CSV and open it in Excel.
There is also another option available: Recalculate report. It is very important to run this option every time there is a change in the report or the grades' setup so that the report is updated with the latest changes.


  • Only the teachers associated with the center will be able to see the report options.
  • The connection between the base group students and the students of each teacher’s groups will be done through the student identification. Therefore, it is important that they match so that all their grades are shown on the skill-based report.