Student management: remove student, massive student edition, contact...

Learn how to delete students, enlarge the student's photo, bulk edit, contact students...


1. Remove student

2. Massive student edition

3. Zoom in students pictures

4. Contact with the families and students

5. Behaviour and follow-up display (Center's license)

Remove student: 

If you want to delete a student, you just need to click on the name or picture of the student to open the student file.  

In the student file > Actions > Remove student from the group. 

Massive student edition:

From the groups you can massively edit students' data, so there's no need to access each student file to modify data or create a subgroup for all the class.  

You just need to access the group > three vertical dots > Students > Massive student edition. 

Once you've selected this option a new window will appear with an structure similar to a spreadsheet. Here you can quickly modify students data and also import data with Copy (Ctrl+C) and Paste (Ctrl+V) the rows and columns from an Additio spreadsheet. 

NOTE: This option is available only on website.  

Zoom in students pictures:

You can zoom in a student's picture if you access the student file > right-click on the picture > Preview. 

Here's how the image will be displayed:  

NOTE: You can also zoom in by double-clicking on the picture of the students list.


Contact with the families and students:

Go to the group you want to contact to, click on the 3 vertical dots > Contact...

You can contact students and families either individually or massively. In the example below, we've chosen to contact students massively. Once the option is selected, a list of all the students will be displayed and you'll be able to choose who you want to contact to. 

When you have selected the students, click on Send email. The email service set in your device will emerge to write the email and send it. 

NOTE: Previously, you need to set a service to read and send emails (Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Mailbox, Mail...) and introduce the emails of students and families in the student file. 

Behaviour and follow-up display (Center's license):  

Behaviour and follow-ups introduced from Centers can be displayed in the student file. 

Access the student file > Actions > and there you'll find both options, Behaviour and Follow-ups, choose one of them according to what you want to check. 

NOTE: This option will only be displayed for those teachers with teacher or admin profile in Additio Centers.