Shared data section

In this section, Shared data, you can check data teachers of your center have shared from Additio: groups, structures, rubrics, planning, holidays, evaluation criteria, specific skills, key skills. You have to click on each tab at the top to view the shared data of each section.

In Shared data > Groups you can share the group with other teachers you by clicking on Share group at the right hand-side next to the name of the group. Then, add the email of the teacher you want to share the group with and choose if the teacher can view or can edit.

Thus, when teachers access the app the group shared will be displayed for them to view or edit according to the chosen option.

Next to the name of the group a label as Shared is displayed so that a user can differentiate shared groups.

Any modification in a shared group (teacher can edit option) by other teachers will be applied to the group and information can be modified for all the teachers with access to this group.

Shared groups will be displayed in the schedule and calendar of the user the group is shared with, a teacher can hide these groups if necessary. In Settings > Groups to show in Timetable and Calendar you can deselect those groups you do not want to be displayed in Schedule and Calendar.

You can also share: structures, rubrics, holidays. This shared data can be modified or deleted anytime.

From the Additio platform, teachers can find how to share or import structures, rubrics, planning in the corresponding section. Once data has been shared it can be imported from the tab Center shares.