Share and import scheduling

Share scheduling:

To share planning: access Scheduling in a group > press the gear icon > Share scheduling.

You need to write a name for the shared scheduling and the description. By default the option Share scheduling with my fellow teachers is active so that all the teachers of the center can use it. You can also select the scheduling of the whole course or you want to establish a specific period of time. Thus, you can select Export all the school year or deselect this option and establish a period of time.  

Press Save and the scheduling will be shared. Automatically a code will be generated in case you want to share it with a specific teacher.

Share scheduling: 

To import scheduling: access Scheduling in a group > click on the gear icon > Import scheduling shared.

Then you can select if you want to import scheduling shared with all the center and thus it will be listed in Center shares tab or if you import by code.

Once you've selected the shared scheduling from the list a message will pop up for confirmation. Press OK to confirm.

Right after a new screen will be displayed with a summary of the import and highlighting the sessions that will be overwritten. Click on Import to finish this process.