Share and import holidays

Share holidays:

To share holidays: Settings > Configure holidays > 3 vertical dots > Share holidays.

You need to write a name for the shared holidays and the description. By default the option Share the vacation with my fellow teachers is active for all the teachers of the center to use this holidays. Once completed press Share so that other teachers can import it.

A code will be generated automatically in case you want to share holidays with a particular teacher or with a teacher that does not belong to the center.

Import holidays:

To import holidays: Settings > Configure holidays > 3 vertical dots > Import shared holidays.

Now you can choose if you want to import holidays shared with the center and, if so, you'll find it in Center shares tab or import it by code.

Once selected the option a message will pop up for confirmation. Press OK to confirm.

If there are school days in the current holiday period a message will warn you to confirm if you want to delete these days or you do not.