Report generator: custom your reports with Widgets of statistics and graphs

Use the reports module: 

You can find Reports section on the main menu of the website. With Reports you can generate visual and custom reports. 

There are two types of reports: Group reports or Students reports. Reports are set according to Widgets that will contribute to a great display of certain data. 

These are the different widgets you can work with: 

- Widget: Student's information


- Widget: Students list

- Widget: Attendance summary in table format

- Widget: Group attendance table


- Widget: Marks distribution


- Widget: Group's students data


- Widget: Group's students data (compact)


- Widget: Evaluation chart by columns


- Widget: Attendance pie chart


- Widget: Group/students notes


- Widget: Student's marks table


- Widget: Additional comments


- Widget: Marks chart


- Widget: Monthly attendance table


- Widget: Report card

Below, you can see how you can set the reports: 

First of all, click on the + button on the reports list and a new window will open where you need to write the name of the report, the title and subtitle displayed in the file, the type of report and the related students. 


If you already created your report, you can access it by clicking on it. 

In case you want to modify the students added, you can click on the gear icon and you can edit the students in the group.

If you have to create a new student report, you only have to click on the + button, fill the required information and when you press Save a blank report will open to start designing it with the widgets you prefer.  


In the grey area at the top you can find these options: Delete, Cancel, Save. Also, with the gear icon you can modify the original report and with the two arrows icon change the order of the displayed widgets. 


In addition, when you select a widget, if you place the pointer on the widget some options to modify the widget will appear, tou can also delete the widget by clicking on the cross icon:

NOTE: In Settings you can custom your reports with your center's data and logo.

Create students individual reports (app):

NOTE: In the web version this option doesn't exist, you need to access the Reports section in the main menu. 

You can generate a report of a particular student by clicking on the name and the student file will be opened. In Actions select Generate report.  

Next, select the data verification cells you want to include in the report: Student personal information, Marks, Attendance, Notes. When it comes to Attendance you can select the date intervals you want the data from. If you activate All the groups option, you can obtain the information of all the groups this student belongs to.  

Once you've selected the sections, press Generate report. 

Then, a preview will be displayed. You can click on the 3 vertical dots to find the Send option and select where you want to send the report. 

NOTE: The screenshots used have been taken from an Android device, the process is the same with Apple devices. 

Custom reports with the center's logo:

NOTE: This feature is exclusive for users who work with multiple devices, this is, users with subscription plan.

In the web version you can find Reports section where you can design visual and custom reports. 

A clear example? You can set the logo and center's data to be displayed in the report's header. 

On the website, access Settings in the main menu and select My profile. A new window will open with your personal that and other information about your license. In My school you can write the name of the center and upload the logo. 

Add the name of the center in the corresponding field and then Select file and find your logo. Once you've uploaded a preview will be displayed on the right hand side. Press Save and it will automatically appear in the header of all the reports.

NOTE: If you ever want to modify or delete the logo, you can access My profile and right click on the image.