Meeting planner, notes and class schedule

With Notes you can write down your meetings, group events, interviews, or anything else you may need.

You can create a note from the main menu > Calendar and resources > Notes.

The are 3 different types of notes: group notes, student notes or independent notes. All the notes created in the groups and linked to students are displayed in the main menu, however, you can also create general notes while in the groups you can only link them to a group or student.  

NOTE: When you link a note to a particular student you can find it in the student file. By clicking on the name of the student and Notes. You can also create notes in events.

The process to create a note is the same in both cases. Once you're inside Notes press the + button and a new window will emerge for you to fill the fields below: 

You can either choose to link a note to a group or to a student. To link a note to a student you can do it from the group and selecting the student you want to link the note to. 

NOTE: From the main menu you can write a general note, not linked to a student or group.

Then, you need to fill Title and Text fields. Title is compulsory and in Text you can use a specific format to the content you write down (bold, italics, underlined...) as in a text editor.

Another option is Labels. A label is a word or group of words that allows content classification, sorting or grouping. You can look for all the notes containing these keywords in the searcher. 

To add labels in a note you only need to write them in the Label section and press Enter each time you want to introduce a new one. 

Next to Save option there's a roll-down button with 3 options: Save as template, Apply template and Edit templates. 

With templates you can create several document templates (meetings, interviews with families...). You can use them as many times as you want to. 

Once you save a note as a template you can apply it to a new note. 

To apply a template to a new note click on the drop-down button next to Save and choose Apply template, then select the template you want to use from the list. 

You can edit or delete the already created templates anytime, use option Edit templates in this regard. 

Display and filter notes

All the created notes will be listed chronologically. There's a searcher above the mentioned list to filter them according to title, text section or label. 

In each listed note we can find the following fields: the title, the labels and the text of the note. To entirely read the note press on the note and a new window will open so it can be displayed and edited. 

NOTE: In the right-hand side of each note the date and hour of creation are displayed. You can also see the color related to the group the note has been linked to. If the color is black this means it is a general note, not related to any group or student.