Learn through online quizzes

Create a Quizz 

You can access to Quizzes > Assessment tools to create a new quizz: 

On Quizzes click on the + button to start creating questions for students or families to answer to. You'll need to define a Title, the Quizz description (optional) and the highest grade of the quizz. 

Save changes to start creating the questions of the quizz. 

Add question: 

You need to press Add question to start creating your quizz. After that, you'll be requested to Create Question with the statement, the detail of the question's description, the type of answer and the highest mark for this particular question over the whole quizz. 

Once you press Save, the question is ready to be answered by your students or families. Press on + button on the left to keep on adding questions to the quizz or click on the pencil icon to edit the question in case it's not correct. 

Once you've completed the whole quizz, press Close at the top right hand side corner to apply it to a group column. 

In Multiple choice with images or multiple selection with images you can add images in each of the options to make your quizz more visual and funny for your students.

Statements on Quizzes

Each teacher, according to the level and topic creates the exams in quite a personal way, this is why with Quizzes you can elaborate different statements according to the questions and topics you're working with. You can add a picture, video, a math calculation or the text they need to answer to. 

You can set every detail from the quizz. When you create a new question in the quizz, you'll be able to select among image, video or math. 

Each of these options allows you to elaborate the statement in a different way. Let's take it step by step: 

1- Empty: you can write a text statement. 

2- Image: you can select an image from your computed to add it to the question. You can add the text too. 

3- Video: you can select a video with an URL to add it to the question. You can add text too.

4- Math: you can add a mathematical operation for your students. When you click on this option, some math operations are listed below, you can choose one and edit it. Select the type of operation, copy the example and modify with the values you want to work with. This operation will be displayed in the student exam.

Send a Quizz 

Once you've created your Quizz, you can send it to your students. You just have to create a new column in the group and select Type of evaluation > Quizzes > and choose the Quizz you want to work with. 

When the Quizz column is created, you may choose among several setting options: 

- Show answer options in random order: this will not modify the result but the answers will be displayed in a different order for each student. 

- Configurate dates: you can set when you want the quizz to be sent to the students or families. 

- Send activity now: to send the quizz to the students or families at that specific time. 

When you press Save, the Quizz will be sent to the students or families to be filled. It can be sent via Edvoice or email. 

- Student profile:

The student will get an email or Edvoice message to notify there's a new assignment to be completed: 

To start, the student only has to click on View assignment. A new window will open where the questions will be answered. Pressing on each number on the left each question will be displayed: 

When all the questions are answered, the next step is click on Turn in, at the top right hand side. 

Then, the assignment will be registered and you'll be able to access it from your gradebook to correct it. 

- Send the Quizz to a student individually: 

If you want to send the quizz to a student individually, you just need to click right on the cell that corresponds to the student and select Send a quizz option. 

Correct a Quizz 

You can start assessing your students once they've answered the quizz. If you right click on the column where the quizz is linked the option Correct quiz will be displayed.

In the new window all the students will be displayed with the answers. In the assessment panel, you'll be able to correct each question, either with a numeric value in Mark option or by creating a rubric to assess the question. You can check the same question for each student to make this checking process quicker. 

In this first case, the assessment is 2 out of 2 as the student correctly enumerates the 5 different types of triangles. 

In this second case, we assess with a rubric each one of the listed types of triangles.  We click on Add a new item in the rubric to define the number of correct answers and the corresponding grade.

In this example, the student has 5 correct answers, this is, 2 points.

When checking is over, you can add a comment of the exam, click on Confirm assessment and the student will get the grade of the exam and the comment added.

Access your gradebook, right click on the column where there is the quizz and press Send mark. 

When the mark is sent the student will get a message via Edvoice or email with a notification of the Quizz results. 

Quizz results analytics - Edquizz

In this section you'll be able to compare results and obtain some learning analytics from your students in each of the quizz questions. This is a great option to understand the students comprehension to draw some conclusions, for example, if it is important to focus on one particular issue. Here you can see the big picture of your students development. 

By clicking on Analysis inside the correction section you'll see the students results, with the answers highlighted and the % of success on each question. 

Also you'll be able to check individual answers for each of the students, it's an effective way to check the right answers. 

In addition, there you'll find some graphs on the group assessment, percentages of success on each question and the average. 

Below, a video tutorial on Quizzes creation: 

If you need more information on Additio quizzes, visit this page