Justify absences from admin panel

Many times after a lack of attendance the families or the students themselves provide a justification, and, it is necessary from administration to manage in a quick way these lack of attendance and the reason for the justification.

From the administration panel, an administrator can access the base group, and from the group attendance report section where the breakdown of the faults/incidents are shown, you can click directly on that fault and justify it, even putting a comment that also It will be reflected in the teacher's class group.


Within the group attendance report, by clicking on the name of the student's group-class, the platform will open the following screen to justify the fault and the reason.



By adding the relevant text and justifying it, it will be saved and at the same time it will be shown in the teacher's class group in the class group as a teacher.


Complete video tutorial with audio "Justify student absences as admin"