Import tasks and grades from Moodle and how to update them

Once you've imported your Moodle group to Additio, you're ready to import tasks to your gradebook. Here you have how to do it:

First of all, you need to click on the 3 vertical dots > Moodle > Import activities and grades. 

After, new window will open with the tasks in your Moodle listed. Select the tasks and grades you want to import to Additio. 

Once you've selected the options, press Import and the tasks will be displayed in your Additio gradebook. If you modify a grade already imported to Additio you just need to click on Moodle > download marks.  

NOTE: You can import rubrics with LMS too!

Grades update in Moodle

Right click on the column > Moodle to update information: 

Download grades: import the grades on your Moodle task to Additio. 
Upload grades: export the grades of the task from Additio to Moodle. 

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