Import students and pictures

On the 3 vertical dots, once you've created a new group, the option Import students is displayed. 

If you select Import students a new window emerges with the different import options, some related to personal data and some others related to pictures. 

Below, how to use the import options:

Add students 

You can add the first name and last name of all your students. To add more students, press Enter or Tab key.  

Import students from Existing group

You can use a list of students of an already created group. You'll need to select the group you want to import the students from and the students you want to import too. 

After, the list of students will be shown at the left and in the center you may create the assessment structure to start assessing.  

Import students from Excel

Either in the app or in the website, you can import students personal data from any existing Excel file you already have. This is a quick and easy process. 

Here you have how to import from Excel step by step:  

  • Select the file you want to import that already contains students personal data. 
  • Then, choose the file and determine if the first row contains the column titles. Once set, press Import students. 

In the next screen you need to enable the predetermined fields with the corresponding column. Once you're done, press Import students so that the import is completed successfully. 

Excel format for bulk import

The option to import centre data from an excel file will allow you to add all the necessary information for the start-up of your centre in a few simple steps. 
First of all, you need to have a document with the following information: 
In the first excel sheet, you will need to have the teachers' e-mails, names and surnames. You can also add if you want them to have an example group or if they are administrators: Put a 1 if you want them to have the information or a 0 if you don't want it. 
NOTE: To import correctly, the column titles must be the same as those shown in the screenshots.
In the second tab of the excel, you will have to add the students' data, in which group they are, the group description, the identifier, surname, name and e-mail. 
In the third tab of the excel, you should add the base group and the teachers who will be part of it.

Import students from Google Classroom 

You can import students straight from Google Classroom. All your students will be linked and you'll be able to import grades and tasks from Google Classroom to Additio. Find how to import students from Google Classroom here

Import students pictures

You can connect the individual pictures of each student. To successfully import students pictures it is important that each picture is named with the student identifier. By doing so, the pictures will be automatically associated to the corresponding student. 

Import group pictures (facial recognition)

The app will automatically detect the faces in the picture and then you'll be able to associate them with the name of your students.