How to start a new course from the center

To start a new academic year, you only need to store in the cloud base group you're no longer working with and take advantage of data from the previous year. How? Step by step.

First of all create the new groups: Base groups > + button and write the name of the group. Then, Import student from existing Base group, this is a great option to use the students list already created in the current course. You only need to select the students in the group, you can avoid selecting those students that are not part of the group this year. For example, 2nd 21-22 group will become 3rd 22-23, but there are two students that are not taking this course. Here's how you can set this:

Once the group is imported, next step is store the base group of the previous year to the cloud, this is how you can keep the information but hidden. Here's how you can store a base group in the cloud (Base groups > 3 vertical dots > Actions > Store base groups in the cloud > click on the base group you want to store > OK):

NOTE: In this link you'll find the steps for the teachers to carry out the same process when a new academic year begins.