How to design a didactic unit and link skills

With Additio App you can program didactic units and projects, and link them to skills.


1. Design didactic units and projects

2. Curriculum specification

3. Didactic sequence

Design didactic units and projects:

Teacher accounts include a section for didactic planning and projects.

To access this section go to the main menu and click on Didactic planning and projects.


In Didactic planning and projects you can adapt your class scheduling as the days go by, modifying and adding different sections according to the students follow up, as we prepare curricular application.  

To create a new didactic planning, you must click on the + button right in the center of the screen, and after, fill the information in the planner: Title, Didactic unit, Approximate duration (in hours), Country, Region and Subjects.


Once you have your didactic programming created, you will be able to add all the curriculum specifications, skills and evaluation criteria in the different tabs you're working with in the activity, also the resources, rubrics, quizzes (gamified activities), establish some objectives and add all the content you're using. 

Curriculum specification

In Curricular concretion, at the top, you can add a cover image, and below the information already introduced in the previous step will be displayed. 

You can also link Sustainable Development Goals in this section:


From now on, you'll find the curriculum details, where you can add objectives, contents, justification and theme.



In the next tab, the Skills section, by clicking on the + button you can link the skills we're working with in this didactic planning.


You must do the same process with specific skills:  

The evaluation criteria are displayed in the 4th tab according to the subject and course you're working on. With + button you can choose the evaluation criteria linked to the current project and establish the association.


In the last tab, Didactic sequence, you can link all the related tasks to the current project. 

Didactic sequence

In Didactic sequence you can depict the curriculum specification in your class activities and in the tasks you've programmed. You can link skills and evaluation criteria and all the knowledges you work with in each case: 

To create a new activity you can press on the + button and write the title of the task. 

You can start linking all the data related to the task and some details such as Task description and objectives, Task development and Attention to diversity. 

Moreover, in every task, you can link exercises and activities (with the corresponding details and information on how it will be executed and assessed) that will operate as the starting point for the task assessment. 

After, you will be able to link the curriculum specification to the task in order to associate the linked skills and evaluation criteria you're working with in this task. If resources are used, you can link them too. You can add the knowledges too.


This is how you can schedule classes according to each class needs and rhythm. Also, you can define items you want to work on and the planning to structure the projects.

Once you have created the Didactic unit, you can duplicate it to modify and use it in other groups or levels. 

You just need to click on Actions > Duplicate project.

Last but not least, you can find a video tutorial on how to create didactic planning and projects.