Group base creation and basic assignation to teachers

In Additio, base groups are those groups of students that share same characteristics, for example: level, academic year and class. According to this, a base group could be Year 6 or 7th Grade.

Create a base group:

Creating a base group is easy. Go to the main menu > Base groups and click on the + button at the bottom right corner of the screen. Then you only have to fill the name of the group and a color to identify it, also you can select the corresponding educational stage. 

NOTE: When you select the corresponding educational stage it is possible that you cannot select any option. So go to Settings > Educational stages and use the + button to create as many educational stages as you need to. After, you can go back to the creation of the base group and when you click on the dropdown box the educational stages you just created will be listed. Now you can select it. 

Import students and pictures:

Once you have created your base group, it is the perfect time to import the students. Here, you can find two different sceneries: 

1- Once you create your group, a new screen will be automatically displayed where you'll choose how you want to import your students. 

2- If you have created your group but you did not keep on with the process. You add students later: access the group > 3 vertical dots > Students > Add. 

In both situations, the screen displayed will show the options to import students: 

  •      Import students from Excel (Additio's recommendation). Click here to download a template of the required file with the correct format. 
  •      Import students from existing Base Group
  •      Add a student or Add students (Add a student: if you want to add just one student completely or Add students: if you want to add several students and you want to add them quickly)
  •      Import students from Official platform
  •      Import students' pictures
  •      Import group picture (facial recognition)

You can search an specific base group by its name anytime. You can also delete or edit a base group by clicking on the pencil icon next to the name of the base group.

Bulk edit:

You can massively modify students data: 3 vertical dots > Students > Bulk edit. This window is sheets-type and you can copy and paste massively to ease data editing.

NOTE: We strongly recommend to include the identification number in the list of data as this will establish a relation among the students in different class groups and base groups. Our system creates automatically a random ID number. 

Once you've imported your students, you can sort them in the 3 vertical dots > Students > Sort.

Assign groups to the teachers:

When we assign a group to a teacher we are linking the responsible teacher of the subject to the base group and we are creating the group in the teacher's account too. Simple and intuitive: from the Base group, click on the 3 vertical dots > Teachers > Assign Group. Once you have selected the teacher, a new screen will open where you can set the class group: name, color, initial and end date, and even the schedule of this particular class. We will do this process with each teacher/subject. 

If you want to know the base groups assigned you can check this on Teachers > and click on the name of the teacher to see the groups assigned. Another option is to check the groups created for a particular student: inside the group > click on the pencil icon next to the name of the student > Current course tab > Teacher's groups.  

Massive assignation of groups to the teachers 

Sometimes as adminstrators you would prefer to create the groups of the teachers yourself. In this case you can do it with few steps: 

Access the base group > 3 vertical dots > Teachers > Assignment from Excel. 

Right after attach the Excel file where you have all the data. Here you can find a template you can download with the appropriate format. 

NOTE: Initial and end dates must be registered with a text format in the Excel column. 

NOTE: About setting the proper day: Monday is 0, Tuesday is 1, Wednesday is 2, Thursday is 3, and so on.

Once the file is completed, you can import it in Assignment from Excel and click on Import course assignments. Next, all the groups will appear in the teachers' accounts with the students imported too.  

Massive import of base groups, teachers and assignation 

When setting the center account, the key step is to correctly upload all the required data to the Centers platform. Just some few steps and all the teachers, base groups and students will be uploaded considering the relation between the students and the groups they belong to. 

First of all you need a file with all the information.

Once the document is filled with all the information you are ready to upload it. Access with your user and password. Click on the main menu > Settings > Import center data from file.

Next step is uploading the file. Here you can find a template where you can download a template with the appropriate format. 

When you upload the file you can see a preview of the information in it. Then click Import and all the data will be automatically uploaded. 

With this option, Import center data from file, you can add all the required information for the onboarding of your centers quickly. 

Alternative option: 

Once you have created the base groups as an admin you can tell your teachers they can import the base groups themselves. 

From the teachers' platform > inside the group > 3 vertical dots > Students > Import students and pictures > Import students from Base group. 

If your base group is 7th Grade and it includes 7th Grade A and 7th Grade B students this will not be a problem as each teacher can select the students that wants to include or not from the Base group.