Export possibilities with Additio

Export all data:

When you work with Additio on your website there are two options to export information: 

1- Export from Settings > User > Export data. When you click on Export data this new window will open: 

You have two options to choose the format you want your file to be exported with, XLSX or CSV. XLSX is a file extension used exclusively by Excel and it will allow you to see comments, conditional colors and icons defined in the group, CSV is a data export file without format and it can be open in any text editor but it does not consider the previously mentioned features. You can select your option in the drop-down menu Export data. 

Next, you can select the data you want to include by clicking on Set up. These are the options: 

Once you've selected the data you want to import, press OK. 

You can select the groups you want the data to be imported from by clicking on Set up: 

If you click on All you'll be able to select exactly the tabs you want to add: 

Click on Back and Export. 

2- Export from a particular group: 3 vertical dots > Share / Copy > Export data

From this moment on, the process is the same that we've explained before. 

You can choose the type of file that will be exported, the data included, and the tabs of the group that will be exported. 

The export file will be sent to the email you have your account with in Additio as it is shown in the message below: 


  • With this option, you can export Scheduling too in the website.

Export data from a group (app)

You can export data from the group on the 3 vertical dots > Share / Copy > Export data. 

After, you'll be able to select the data you want to export: Students list with their personal information, group marks (evaluations) list, group attendance list, group attendance list (only anomalies). 

On Settings, you can establish the type of CSV separator (, or ;) and the file encoding (ISO Latin 1 or UTF-8). 

You can previsualize the information you're about to export, press Send and write the email where you want to get the .csv file (it can be opened with Excel). 

NOTE: The screenshots are taken on an Android mobile phone. The process is the same in other devices.