Custom gradebook setup

Copy group: 

Often we use the same structure to assess more than one group. Additio allows you to copy the whole structure with the associations already established in another group. To copy a group:
Go to a new group, click on the 3 vertical dots menu > Share / Copy. In the drop-down menu, Copy group: 

Once you've chosen this option, you can select the group where you have the original structure you want to copy:  

Also, when you have the group, you can choose the columns and tabs you can import and select if you want to import the related skills and evaluation criteria and other previously set resources too.    

Once you've selected all, a summary of what you're importing will be displayed, in order to ensure it is what you want. If everything is ok, click on Copy and the structure will appear in the new group. 

This is a great method to quickly set the structure for the new course. 

Copy columns: 

You can copy single columns or calculated formula columns with the right button > Copy. After that, click with the right button on the column where you want to paste the grades or formula and choose either Paste or Paste as link. 

Sort items: 

To sort items from your gradebook you just have to click on the 3 vertical dots on the upper-right hand side, then Sort / Show > Sort items. 

A new menu will open so you can sort the different items on your gradebook (tabs, students, columns or attendance) to manage and sort them as you wish. 

NOTE: In some cases, you can also find Sort items option when you click the right button. 

Lock column: 

In the Edit column window you can lock a column so that data cannot be modified. This is useful to lock a column with self-assessment or peer assessment rubrics, this option will allow to establish end date to assess with rubrics. 

If you access Edit column (by clicking on the column name) and select Lock column option, you can actually lock the column. Then, you'll be able to set the date when the column lock will start, you can also choose if you want to start from the moment you select the option Lock column, with the option Always or manually setting the exact date and hour when the lock is taking place. 

To unlock a column access Edit column again and deselect the lock column option. 

You can know if a column is locked up anytime as a locker will be displayed in the column. Also, you'll notice the column is locked because when you try to modify a grade in a locked column a warning message will pop up. 

Name the columns vertically

To name a column vertically, you have to click on the pencil icon, on the upper right hand side, and you'll be able to edit the tab. 

Once you're inside the editor, there's a section named Put columns title vertically, click on it to activate the option and Save.