Create report card (Basic)

In order to make use of the report card from the panel of the school center, it is essential that the students of the base groups have an identification number, which must match the identifiers that the student has in each group-class.


Create a report card:

From a base group you can create and configure the student's report cards. To do this, you must click on the Actions button and select the Bulletins option.


On the bulletin screen, press the option Create Report to add a new bulletin or click on one of the bulletins already created to edit it, print it, etc.


When creating a bulletin, you must add the following fields: title, subtitle and number of columns. Once the number of columns has been entered, the titles of the columns can be modified and also the width of each column.


When saving the bulletin, it will be shown in the list and clicking on it will show a preview that would initially be without data until the different groups of the students have been linked.

The linking of the groups should be done by the different teachers of the subjects from the Additio web version.

To link a group to the bulletin, the teacher should from the web version of Additio follow the following steps that are described below:

Set up the columns of each group of each teacher:

Select the option Edit group and at the end of the modal window click on the Configure button of the option marks bulletins (report card).


In the bulletin configuration modal, you must first link the base group and then the corresponding report card within that base group.


Once the report card is selected, the columns of the bulletin will appear and those columns of marks or grades that you want to link to them will have to be selected. By pressing the Save button, this group will be linked to the report card.

View report card and export it: 

Once all the teachers have linked their groups, then from the school center panel for admins you can access the list of report cards and after selecting a report card you can pre-visualize the report of marks of each of the students of the base group. From this same window, comments can be added directly to each of the students, if necessary.


If you click on Actions, you will have the option to Edit or Print the report card. When you select Print, you will be given the option to generate the report card for all students or only for the student that is currently previewing. This action will generate a pdf file for each of the students that can be sent by email or can also be printed to have the report of the grades on paper to deliver directly to the students.



  • The option of the bulletins will only appear to those teachers linked to the school center.
  • The linking of the students of the base group with the students of the groups of each teacher will be done through the identifier of the student which can be found on every student's profile, so they must coincide so that all their marks appear in the bulletin.