Categories: how to create and take the best out of them to organize your gradebook

Categories include different columns in folders to do some calculations with these columns. 

To create a category you just need to create a new column and select type of evaluation Calculations > Category. 

Right after that, you need to set the type of calculation you want to use over these group of columns. You can also choose the color of the category. 

Once everything is set, press Save and you'll need to create the columns in the category. Click on the + button next to the name of the category to create a new column. 

When you click on the folder icon you'll find more options, as create a column (with + button), edit the category and fold or unfold all the columns inside the category. 

According to the type of calculation you've selected, you'll see a different result in the category column. For instance:


Weighted mean: 

Presentation 1: 70%

Presentation 2: 30%

NOTE: Click on the folder to modify ponderation on weighted means. 


Average with different bases:

If you assess with different values you'll be able to calculate it directly. Once selected Category option, select Average with different bases. 

It's important that you set the basis you want for all the columns of the category.  

You can also create a category with no calculation in order to collect students follow up. When you select type of evaluation > Calculations > Category choose None on Calculation type and you'll be ready to create text-type columns. 

In this video you'll learn how to create categories step by step: