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All you need to know about synchronisation

FAQS about synchronization

What does synchronization mean?

Synchronization is the process to check and manage data in any device previously linked with your multiple device license. 

Where and how? 

You can synchronize from the app (tablet and smartphone). There's no option to synchronize on the website because all the created data is automatically uploaded to the server. 

You can enable Synchronization on the main menu and once you already logged in as a user with your multiple device license you can do it on Settings. 

Press Synchronize in each device you work with to share the same resources. Thys, the latest sync resources will be transferred. 

How does synchronization work? 

Once you correctly signed up, you can start working with Synchronization, click on the Synchronize option you can find in the main menu. When you synchronize all the new data in the app are uploaded to the server and all the new data of the server are downloaded to the app. Thus, for example, if we've added a new value in the gradebook on the website, and, on the other side, we've assessed a student in the app, once the synchronization is completed both data (values on the website and grades on the app) will be displayed in both platforms. After, if we synchronize another device, data will be downloaded too and any pending data will be uploaded.

If there's no internet connection you can keep working with Additio in your tablet and smartphone app. You only need internet connection to work with the web version and transfer data between devices. 

There are 3 different options of synchronization, why? 

If you press Synchronize you can choose among 3 different types of synchronization:

- Synchronize data

- Synchronize the students' pictures

- Synchronize resources

When you select Synchronization the option Synchronize data is active by default but you have the chance to select students' pictures and resources options too. 

What if I change the same value in different apps? 

In case the same value is modified (for instance, the name of a student is modified either in the app and the website) the last modification will be prioritized. 

How often do I have to synchronize? 

It depends on the use of the platform. We strongly recommend to synchronize every time there are significant modifications or if you want to work with different devices.

Synchronization notification

Synchronization is main to save data in the server, as security copies are executed daily to prevent from data loss. 

Additio will warn you about how many days have passed without synchronizing the device. This message will be displayed at the end of the main menu or as a pop-up message at the top right (in Android devoices only in Today view). 

You can set if you want this message to appear in the menu and also the Warning of days not synchronized in order to be notified when you haven't synchronized for the given days.