Additiopedia, the resource bank

In Additio we empower collaborative work among teachers. Thus, we created Additiopedia, the new resource bank that allows you to share and import rubrics. Soon you’ll be able to share didactic planning and quizzes too. Additiopedia will enable you to share your rubrics, didactic planning and quizzes with other teachers from the Additio community and import other colleagues’ resources from this portal.

Visit to check all the rubrics published in this portal. Start sharing and importing rubrics with other teachers! 

You can access Additiopedia with your Additio email and password or with your social login if you log in with your Google, Microsoft or Apple account: 

You can also access Additiopedia from Additio’s web version: Assessment tools > Rubrics > three vertical dots > Search in Additiopedia. 

From Additiopedia you can find the rubrics you’re more interested in by using the search tool: 

There is a multi-language feature at the right top of the screen where you can select the language:

Now you can filter by SkillsSubjects and/or Ages

Sort by allows you to filter by Publication dateMore popular or Rating:

When you press on the rubric, it will open up to see the whole picture. You can also rate it, save it by pressing Save upon the “heart” option or, if you decide to work with this resource, Import in Additio

If you sign up, you’ll be able to tag your favorite rubrics and write your comments. If you’ve already signed up, you only need to log in. You can access this portal by logging in with your Additio user. 

Share a rubric in Additiopedia

To share a rubric you only have to access the rubric > Actions > Share in Additiopedia. 

Once you’ve selected this option, a new screen you must set up will be displayed: 

An example with the required information completed: 

By clicking OK in the pop-up message, you’ll see all information will automatically appear in Additiopedia' s list. 

Import a rubric from Additiopedia

To import a rubric from Additiopedia you have to go to Rubrics > press the 3 vertical dots > Search in Additiopedia. Automatically, the Additiopedia’s portal will pop up. 

Once Additiopedia’s screen emerges, you can use the search tool to find the rubric you’re interested in. 

When you click on the selected resource, you’ll see the option Import in Additio when it 's completely opened. 

By clicking Import in Additio, Additio’s web version will open up and if were logged in it will lead you directly to the rubrics’ list. If not, you must access it with your user and it will redirect you to the rubrics’ list. 

Once you’ve confirmed the importation, the rubric will appear in the rubrics’ list, together with the others you already had. 

Note: Soon the option to share Quizzes will be available too.