FAQ about licenses

What types of licenses does Additio have?

Plus, is the plan for individual teachers that allows you to use all the individual functionalities in the web version, and three mobile devices (tablets or smartphones apps on Apple or Android devices). It has an annual cost of 8.99€ and is the license you try when you register.

Additio for Schools, academic management platform + communication platform + global reports. It has accounts for teachers, administrators, students and families.

How does the free trial period work?

Once you have completed the registration for the trial version of Additio, you will have access to all the Additio Plus features. You will need to provide the credit card and you can cancel the subscription at any time within 7 days of the trial period.

The information that you have entered during the 7 days will continue in your account when you continue with the subscription at the end of the trial period.

How do I cancel the subscription?

Follow these steps to view, change or cancel subscriptions:

Subscription management is an automated process managed directly by Apple / Google application stores and other online payment services. Additio is not responsible for managing possible refunds or returns.

Please note that uninstalling the application does not cancel the subscription. Please be sure to cancel it using the instructions described above to avoid any unwanted charges, or contact our support team if you need help.

What happens when you cancel a subscription?

If you cancel a subscription, you can continue using the content for the rest of the period for which you have paid. The subscription will not be renewed in the next year unless you re-activate the subscription again.

Will my data be private and safe?

Data privacy and security is our top priority. For this reason, we are constantly developing improvements to adapt the application to the best technologies in the market in terms of security. We do not sell data to third parties, and we have an external auditor that advises us and ensures the compliance with the data protection laws. You can read more information in the section Privacy policy. We strictly comply with the GDPR and FERPA regulations.

Do you have a mobile and tablet application for iPad, iPhone and Android?

Yes, Additio is a cross-platform service that allows access to data both from a computer (via the web) and from iPad and Android tablets such as Android and iPhone smartphones.

At the moment we do not have a version for Windows Phone although you can use the web version from these devices.

What types of payment do you accept?

You can pay through the application stores (App Store and Google Play), with credit card or PayPal from the web version.

How can I deactivate the auto-renewal?

Some users have the auto-renew feature activated. Disabling automatic renewal is a very simple process that you can do from your user account of the web version. You simply have to:

1. Access the web version through https://web.additioapp.com

2. Go to the "Settings" menu and then access the first option: "My user data".

3. On the second tab, where it says "My license", you will see a section (see the following screenshot) that allows you to manage self-renewal. You will simply have to deactivate the button on the right to deactivate the automatic renewal:


About refunds

We send by email several license expiration reminders and a minimum of one email reminder to users remembering that they have automatic renewal activated to all users with this option 7 days before the license expires.

This is a fully automatic process, once the payment has been made in the multiple payment options we offer (Apple Store, Google Play, Stripe, PayPal ...) we cannot process a refund.


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