Link activities from the planning to the gradebook

You can link the activities from each session to the grade book. You will be able to do it from the general or group planning, and from the weekly or monthly view.

To do it, you just have to select “Add activities” on the “Activities” section of the planning. You will see that you will be able to create assessable and non-assessable activities, that will  help you to have a general idea of the activities you have planned for each lesson.


 You will have to select if the activity is assessable or not assessable each time you add a new activity on the section.


If you select “Non-assessable”  you will be able to add the description of the activity and once done you can save it and it will appear on the session of your planning.

If it is Assessable you will have to add a title (which will be the title of the column to be assessed), select the type of mark that you will use to evaluate the activity and select in which tab this column will be. 

Once you press “Save” you will see that the activity is created in the planning and also in column of the grade book, where you can assess the activity.

You will see that the planner icon will appear in the column of the notebook and if you press it, you will be able to see or edit the activity associated.

Also, from the planner you can edit at any time the title of the activities already created by clicking on the activity that you need to modify.

When editing an assessable activity, pressing the Actions button you can go to the column associated with this activity.

By adding an assessable activity you will also have the option to add the competencies and standards that you have linked in the group.

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