NOTE: This option is not available in the web version. In this case, you have to use the Reports module available in the main menu (see tutorial: Use the Reports module).

To export a student’s data, press on his name to access his information. In the pop-up window, choose the section Actions and select Generate report option.

You will now have to select with the verification cases the data you wish to include in this report: Student’s personal data, Marks, Attendance record and Notes. In the case of the Attendance record, you can select the range of dates you wish. If you activate the option All the groups, you will get information from all the groups the student belongs to. 

Once you have selected the desired data, press on Generate report.

You will then see the report on the screen; press on Send and you will be able to write the delivery email of your choice.

NOTE: The screenshots in this tutorial are taken from the app version of an Android tablet; in an iPad the procedure is the same.

To export the group’s data, check out this tutorial.