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When you sign up in the Additio multi-device license, you automatically have 1 GB of free storage space to add the resources you need to manage your classes (photos, documents, videos, audios...).

When you get close to the limit (approximately an 80% of the total), a warning message informing you about this situation will appear in the pop-up window where you upload the resources.

If you need more storage space for your resources, you have two options:

- Delete the files you no longer use, to free up space

- Buy more capacity

You can decide to upgrade or downgrade storage plan anytime. Below we explain the procedure you have to follow to buy a storage plan, which conditions are applied in each case and the limitations there are.

Purchasing process

To purchase a storage plan, press the Buy more capacity button you will find when trying to upload a resource. If you press this button in the app version, you will be redirected to the web version to select the plan you want to buy.

Your current plans will appear, as well as those you can purchase, with their corresponding annual price.

Select the one that best fits your needs, in this case 2GB, enter your credit card details and press the Buy Plan button to process the payment.

Usage and purchasing conditions

Downgrading to an inferior storage plan can be done as long as the space that your files currently take up doesn’t exceed the space you want to buy with the new plan. For instance, if your files take up 2,5 GB of storage space, you won’t be able to downgrade to plans of less than 3GB, because otherwise some files should be deleted, and we cannot do it for you. However, what you can do is freeing up space and then downgrading. The downgrading will take immediate effect and the new plan will be charged automatically when the renewal date comes.

If what you want is upgrading your current storage plan to have more space, you can do it anytime. When buying the new plan, you will be charged the difference between the new and the old plan prorated for the months you still have left to use. This is easier to understand with an example:

If, for instance, you have six months left of your 2GB plan and you decide to upgrade to the 3GB plan, the 50% of your 2GB plan will be refunded, since you still have six months left of that plan. You will only be charged the 50% of the GB plan for the six months left until the renewal date.

The storage plans are automatically renewed due to the costs associated depending on the used space. Once the plans have been purchased, they will not be refunded.

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