Synchronization of resources and buying more storage space

Resources synchronisation:

To synchronise resources you have to follow the same procedure than when you synchronise data between devices (tablet, smartphone and web) (Check tutorial: FAQ about synchronisation).

When you upload files in the Resources section, you can only view them in the device to which you have uploaded them. If you also want to view them in your computer and the other linked devices, you will have to synchronise them.

NOTE: The Synchronise button only appears in the app version (tablets and smartphones) when you have logged in with your account with a multi-device licence. In the web the Synchronise button doesn’t appear, because data are automatically uploaded to the server. To be able to access the same resources in all your devices, you will have to press the Synchronise button in each of them. Thus the data you have most recently synchronised will be transferred.

If you press the Synchronise button a pop-up window will appear, in which you’ll be able to select the data you want to transfer. By default only the option Synchronise Data is activated, and also the option Synchronise the students’ photos and resources if you have it.

Sometimes you might want to synchronise with the Resources option activated or deactivated.

The difference is that, if you don’t activate it, you will only be able to view the recently added files in this device; you will see that they’ve been updated from the web version, but you won’t be able to view them. This can be useful if you don’t have a good Internet connection or if you want to avoid overusing your data plan.

NOTE: If you have synchronised with the Resources option deactivated, all the pending resources will be uploaded or downloaded in the next synchronisations.

If what you want is viewing them in your computers and the rest of linked devices as well, you have to activate this option. When you synchronise with the Synchronise Resources option activated, a pop-up window will appear showing the uploading progress of the files and, if you have recently added new resources to the web, their downloading progress will be shown as well.

Buying more storage space

In the web version’s Settings you have My User Information option, in which you can see the personal data with which you signed up and the expiry date of the license. It also allows you to customize the reports with the school’s information and logo (check tutorial) and the storage space you bought, along with the amount of gigabytes used.

All users initially have 1GB of capacity, and they can buy more storage space if they decide to.

As you add resources, you will notice that the bar will gradually fill up and will change its color as it gets closer to the limit.

When your storage plan gets to the 80% of its capacity, that is, is about to reach its limit, you will notice that a warning message will appear in the pop-up window in which you upload your resources. This message will inform you about the situation and will give you the possibility of buying more capacity.

The purchase is done through the web version. If you press the button in the app version, it will redirect you to the web version to select the plan you want to buy. In the tutorial Buy storage space you will find out how to go through this process. 


NOTE: The storage plans are automatically renewed due to the costs associated depending on the consumed space. Once the plans have been purchased, they will not be refunded. For more information about the terms and conditions, check the tutorial Buy storage space

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