Create plans and receipts

In the menu option “Plans and receipts” you will be able to assign the Edvoice licenses from your school and to generate the receipts automatically from your own platform of school management. You will have to mark as many Edvoice licenses as students are in the school, as the number of Edvoice licenses is the number of students who will use the app for communicating with the school and/or their teachers.

When you click on “Plans and receipts”, a page will open, in which first you will have to access the option Manage Plans and then select the button Create to confirm the number of Edvoice licenses that you need, as well as Collaborate licenses that are the perfect match for Edvoice. In the lower part of the screen you will see the price for the complete plan.



The licenses are valid for one year, so the process should be repeated every year in order to generate a new plan, to assign the licenses that you need for the new course and to generate a new receipt.

The last step on this screen is to Confirm the Plan. Once it is confirmed it will generate the receipt with the data introduced during the process.


IMPORTANT: Once you have confirmed the plan the license will be active.

Once the plan is confirmed the last step will be to access to the Receipts section from where you will be able to download the receipt of the plan you have purchased.


Pressing the View option you can have a preview of the receipt of your school. You will also be able to print directly from the platform pressing the Print option.


NOTE: The form of payment will be through bank transfer to the bank account specified on the receipt. If you have any question, write to us to

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