Creating the standards

To set up the standards (Evaluation criteria) you will use for your assessment, you have to access the main menu and click on the Assessment tools option in the web version of the app.

Then choose the Evaluation criteria configurator option.

Click on the + option to create all the groups of standards. In each of these groups you will have all the standards you will use in the assessment, be it groups of basic standards, groups of subject-specific standards or groups of stage standards. Once you have entered the title, click on Save to start adding standards.

Then you will be able to start entering the standards; to do so you must click on the + option and click on the row that is created to add the code and the description of the standard.

To edit or delete a group of standards you only have to access the group, click on the Actions option and then on Delete.

If you only want to delete a single standard, click on the three vertical dots that appear on the right side of the description of each standard and click on Delete.

You also have other options by clicking the Actions button, such as the ability to filter the skills and then link them to the standards, and also to be able to sort the standards.

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