Sharing group

Access a group from Additio, click on the 3 vertical dots menu and select the “Share / Copy > Share group” option.

Afterwards, you have to add the email address of the teachers you want to share this group with. Once they have been added, you can choose whether these teachers can only view the shared group or if they can also edit it; if the latter is the case, all the users with this permission work on the same group.

The changes made in a shared group (with edit access) by other teachers are directly applied to the group and the data affected can be seen by all the teachers who have access to this group.

Users can identify the groups that have been shared by other teachers because in the list of groups, the shared ones will appear with the tag “Shared”.

Shared groups also appear in the timetable and calendar of the user they have been shared with, having the option to hide them if they wish to. For this purpose, teachers have to go to Settings and, in the “Groups to be shown in timetable and calendar” option, unflag those groups they do not want to be shown in their timetable and calendar.

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