Didactic units and projects

The teacher accounts have a lesson planner for didactic units and projects. To be able to access the lesson planner you only have to access the main menu in the upper left part, and click on didactic units and projects.

In the lesson planner, we will be able to adapt the planning of your classes as you progress in the day to day, modifying and adding areas according to the monitoring of the students, while you are preparing and making the curricular concretion.
To be able to create a new didactic programmation, you must click on the + that appears in the center of the screen, to later fill in the information of the lesson planner, where you must choose the Title, the Didactic Unit, the duration, the Country and Region in the which one are you going to work on it and the subjects in which it is applied.
As long as you have the planning created, from the top of it, you can include all those curricular details, skills and evaluation criteria (standards) in the different tabs with which you are going to work on the activity, as well as add resources, rubrics, quizzes (gamified activities), set objectives and add all the content that you are going to use.
In the section of curricular concretion, at the top you can include a main image, below which the information linked in the previous step will appear.
From there, you will find the curricular details, where you can apply the objectives, content, justification and theme to work on that program.

In the next tab, you will find the skills section, where you can link by means of the + sign, all the skills that are going to be worked on in that program.

In the 3rd tab, there are the evaluation criteria, which are given according to the subject and course on which you are working, allowing you, through the + sign, to choose which points are linked to the current project, and associate them.

Finally, in the 4th tab, you will find the learning tasks, in which you will link all the tasks that will be carried out to correctly work the project you are creating. To do this, you just have to click on the + sign and associate a title to the task.
From there, you can begin to link all the information regarding the task and the details, such as the description, the objectives, the development and the attention to diversity.
In addition, within each task, you will be able to link exercises and activities (with the details and information on how it will be carried out and evaluated), from which the evaluation of the task will be made.
Finally, you will be able to link the curricular concretion to the task, so that skills and evaluation criteria to work through that task are associated, and if resources are going to be used to carry it out, you can also link them to it to leave them linked for when it is to be carried out, so you have them on hand at all times.

In this way, we will be able to adapt the schedule of the classes according to the needs of each classroom, and their work rhythm, in addition to being able to define the items to work, together with the planning to structure the projects.

Finally, we embed a video tutorial on how to create didactic units and projects in which you can see the steps more visually.

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