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As the terms and years go by, we collect lots of groups, types of grades, rubrics and resources within Additio. The best option to keep them organized and controlled at all times is by creating folders. 

This will be great for you to have all your information separated by courses, trimesters or configuring it as best suits you.

Organizing it is very fast and simple, this option will allow you to generate folders of:

  • Groups
  • Note types
  • Conditional colours
  • Rubrics
  • Skills
  • Standards
  • Resources
  • Notes

Let's see how to create these folders:


Access the resources section on the main menu. At this time you must click with the right mouse button and the option “Create folder” will appear.

It this time add a folder title and click to save.

To add resources to the folders, you will have to click on the gear and click on the Select folder option. You can also put the resources created from the group inside a folder, but you will have to edit them from Resources in the main menu. From the 3 vertical dots, you can also sort the folders created.

By clicking on the "Delete" option when you are editing, you will be able to delete the created folder, without affecting resources that you have inside and thus removing them from the folder.

Once you finish the edition, you only have to click again on the 3 vertical dots and select the "End edition" option.

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