Moodle integration. Link your account and import groups.

To start using the Moodle integration, the first thing you can do is link your account. It's very easy! On this tutorial I will show you how to do it:

First, On Additio's main menu, go to settings:

Once inside, on the "user" section you must access to  "My user data" and then "my linked accounts". After that, you must click on the option "Link Moodle account":

A window where you will have to write the basic URL to log in will appear. Write the URL and select "Configure".

Another window will appear where you must log in to your Moodle profile:

Once you select "Access", your Moodle account will be linked to Additio's. Then you can start importing groups. To do this, you just have to go to "groups" on the main menu. Within the groups' section, you will have to access the menu of the three vertical points that are in the upper right part of your screen, select the option “import” and “import groups from Moodle”

Once you select the option, a pop-up window will open where you must select the Moodle group you want to import.
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