Different timetable according to the month or a two week timetable (A-B)

Once you create a group-class, some fields need to be filled in order to make the most out of the app. One of them is, for example, the class timetable because it is the option that will allow us to automatically set our course timetable.

For this reason, is very important to define the start and end date of the course and specify the days you teach this class with the group.

We will now explain how to configure a timetable that changes depending on the month and another one with two week timetable (A-B), in other words, a schedule that may vary according to the week.

Case study 1: different timetable by month

Suppose you taught class with a group-class on Mondays but the timetable is not the same throughout the course, ie in September and June is a time and the rest of the course another:

September: 15-16h

October to May: 11-12h

June: 16-17h

To reflect these changes in our timetable we set as follows:

The first step is to create a group-class and introduce as Start date and End date the date range corresponding to the first and last day of class.

Then you will see that in Class Timetable section you can define the days of the week you teach this class.

In this section we create, 3 Mondays (one per month) by clicking on the + button and enter the corresponding timetable.

Then, click on the gear button of each one and set its Start and End dates, in order to define the changes affecting in September and June.

Once defined, press Save and if we access to the Timetable and Calendar view, we could see it.

NOTE: Note that dates must match perfectly because otherwise, it will not be configured correctly.

Case study 2: two week timetable (A-B)

Two week timetable (A-B) means the repetition frequency of the classes, in other words, according to the week is done for example, a different activity.

Suppose we have Biology class two days a week. Mondays and Fridays is theoretical class but every two weeks, the Friday class is done in the laboratory.

To set our timetable we have to define the start date and end date for the entire course.

Then you will see that in the Class timetable section can define the days of the week that you teach this group.

In this section we introduce the weekdays we do class, in our case, on Mondays and Fridays. As we have said, every two Fridays we teach in the laboratory so, we have to create in the Class timetable one Monday and two Fridays.

On the first Friday, click on the gear button and define in Repetition field that it is taught Every 2 weeks starting the first one (A).

We will do the same on the second Friday, with the difference that in this case in Repetition we select Every 2 weeks starting the second one (B) and, to easily differentiate it on the timetable, write Lab in the Classroom field.

Once defined, press Save and if we access to the Timetable and Calendar view, we could see it.

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