Create a group-class

To make the most of the application, it is very important to understand what a group-class exactly is.

A group-class is the minimum group management unit, and it is essential to manage your students. It has to be created for each level, group and subject.

Example: Imagine you are a Maths and English teacher with Year 4- A and Year 4 - B. In this case you will have to create 4 groups:

Maths A - Year 4

Maths B - Year 4

English A - Year 4

English B - Year 4 

NOTE: Groups-class must me created for each level; you can use the students list or the tabs and columns structure of the existing groups (check tutorials: Copy tabs and columns structure and Import students from an existing group).

To create a group-class you will have to select the Groups option in the main menu and click on the + button.

A pop-up window will appear, in which you’ll have to fill in different fields:

As you define the class timetable of each group, it will be automatically created in the view Timetable and Calendar.

If you want to configure a different timetable according to the month or an A-B timetable, check this tutorial.

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