Share and import group structures

One of the most demanded features up to date was the possibility to share group structures and formulas between various users. This is already possible now.

With this new feature, you will be able to help other teachers configure their groups, sharing your group’s columns and tabs structure.

This feature consists of two steps: first share the structure to generate the sharing code, and then import a structure with the code.

Sharing group structures:

NOTE: The structures will be shared with the tabs and columns, without sharing the marks or the students.

To share your structure, access the group you wish to share from the main menu. Then press the three vertical dots and select the option Share group structure.

At this point a pop-up window will appear, in which you will have to put a name and select the tabs you want to share. The option Select all will share the whole group structure.

Pressing on the All the columns text, you will be able to choose which columns you wish to share and which you don’t, activating or deactivating the column.

NOTE: When selecting a calculated column, all the columns used in the formula will be activated as well. When you unselect a column used in a formula, the calculated column will be automatically deactivated. 

NOTE: With this procedure you will also share the types of mark used in the columns and in the rubrics.
When you have selected the correct tabs and columns, press Share. Then a code will appear, which you can send to the colleagues you want to share the group structure with.

The app offers the option to send the code by email, although you can send it in the most convenient way for you. Pressing OK you will go back to the group.

Importing a group structure:

To import a group structure shared by a colleague, access the group you want to add the structure to. Press the three vertical dots and select the option Import group structure. 

You will then have to enter the code your colleague has sent to you and press the option Import. The confirmation message will ask you if you are sure you want to accept the shared structure. Pressing OK, the tabs and columns shared by your colleague will appear in your new group.

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